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Ubtan: The Traditional Skin Care Formula

Ubtan: The Traditional Skin Care Formula       

The Ubtan powder was created by the hands of ancient sages and is a wholly ayurvedic and pure cosmetic. It is a miraculous ayurvedic-derived pack that pampers and revitalises your skin by using natural but potent components. It is frequently considered to be essential in Indian custom, which is likely tied to a wedding ceremony. So let's find out what makes this all-herbal product so magically blended and how it came to be so well-liked. One of the best Ayurvedic treatments for anyone experiencing skin damage, tanning, or cracking is ubtan powder.

What is Ubtan?


Ubtan is one of the most widely used natural skin care products in India and is a staple of Indian households. Ubtan might be India's response to eco-friendly and natural skincare products. It is passed down as "gharelu nuskha" from grandmothers to mothers to their children.

We've all probably witnessed our mothers using Ubtan to give us an attractive glow before special occasions. The fact that every ingredient in Ubtan is handcrafted and effective for the skin further distinguishes it as something genuinely distinctive.

The History of Ubtan

The history of Ubtan dates back countless years in antiquity. This traditional Indian skin care recipe, known as ubtan, has been used for skincare by numerous kingdoms and royals for more than 3,000 years. Its roots are in Ayurveda, but its use hasn't simply been in Asia or the Indian subcontinent. Because there were no commercially available skin care products in the past, homemade natural skin care products like ubtan were a terrific way to nourish skin and give it a healthy glow.

Why Ubtan for Face and Body is a good Option? 

If you evaluate Ubtan, you can discover that several of its constituents also have therapeutic properties. While rosewater contains cooling, calming, and hydrating qualities that moisturise the skin and make it supple, turmeric is a potent antioxidant. These are only a few of Ubtan’s advantages, though. Here are some additional reasons to use Ubtan in your skincare routine: 

  1. Helps with Sunburns and Tanned skin: Yogurt, a natural moisturiser that also aids in tan removal, is one of the traditional ingredients in Ubtan for getting rid of tans. Additionally, incorporating wheat flour into the Ubtan will help you attain healthy skin elasticity and provide sun protection.

Water on tanned skin

   2. Skin Soothing & Pigmentation Reduction: You can lessen pigmentation and dark patches by applying Ubtan. The natural Ubtan components moisturise your skin while removing dirt and dead skin cells, leaving it smooth and radiant.

   3. Antibacterial Properties: Saffron and turmeric, which have anti-inflammatory qualities, are the main ingredients of ubtan. Ubtan not only contributes to skin that is naturally radiant but also helps lessen the likelihood of acne and pimples.


  4.  Suits all skin types: Choosing effective natural skin care products can be difficult whether you have oily skin, regular skin, or skin that needs specific attention. Ubtan, however, is appropriate for all skin types and is effective on both oily and acne-prone skin.

  5.  Wrinkles and fine lines are less visible: The best treatment for many issues, mostly those brought on by toxins and other illnesses on the skin, is turmeric. Additionally, it has antibacterial, anti-oxidative, and anti-ageing effects. Your skin cells will stay hydrated as a result, giving you an ever-youthful radiance.


  6. Facial Hair Removal: Ubtan can be used to get rid of facial hair. For the best results in getting rid of facial undesirable hair, use a scrub on a daily basis. It also aids in the recovery of facial peach fuzz.

Ubtan body wash   Ubtan foaming face wash

Overall, Ubtan is a great remedy for all of your skin issues. Since it has been around for a while, it is completely trustworthy for skin protection. We are certain that you wish to acquire it right away. Count on Kahira's selection of Ubtan products, which contain all the necessary components to help exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin, tighten pores, and produce a fresh, improved appearance. Additionally, it helps to soften and soothe your skin by reducing its oily effect on it.


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