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Zoom Kahira Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil buykahira
Zoom Kahira Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil buykahira
Zoom Kahira Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil buykahira
Zoom Kahira Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil buykahira
Zoom Kahira Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil buykahira

Kahira Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

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Ylang-Ylang is a tropical tree that is native to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Queensland, Australia. This flower, also known as the "flower of flowers," is indigenous to these regions. Ylang-Ylang has been used in both eastern and western cultures throughout history. It is used as a remedy for wounds such as cuts, burns, and bites from insects and snakes in the Philippines. It is employed as the primary component in producing macassar oil, a hairdressing pomade that was particularly well-liked in Victorian England. This process takes place on the islands of the Moluccas. In Indonesia, it is used to adorn the bed used in the wedding ceremony. The essential oil of Ylang-Ylang is used for various purposes, including as a strong antibacterial, an aphrodisiac, regulating heartbeat, being beneficial for the hair and skin, and having an impact that is energizing on the aged. When taken in excessive amounts, it might produce headaches and nausea.


The essential oil of Kahira Ylang-Ylang is derived from a flower with the form of a star and is yellow. This flower grows on the Cananga tree (Cananga odorata). The nations that border the Indian Ocean, such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and certain areas of Australia, are where Ylang-Ylang was first discovered.

How it Works

‚óŹ The pleasant fruity and floral odor of Ylang-Ylang Oil keeps you cheerful. You may use it to help you relax after a long day at work or the gym.
‚óŹ Use Ylang-Ylang essential oil as a massage oil by mixing it with a suitable carrier oil, such as coconut oil. Instantly alleviate your muscular stress and tension by massaging with Ylang-Ylang oil.
‚óŹ Your shampoos, conditioners, and hair care products may benefit from the conditioning characteristics of Ylang-Ylang oil. It strengthens and adds shine to your hair.
‚óŹ Toxins, filth, and oil may all be removed from your skin using Ylang-Ylang Oil, a natural disinfectant. In addition to its purifying and antioxidant qualities, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging characteristics.
‚óŹ This oil may make a wide range of items, including colognes, perfumes, soaps, scented candles, and incense sticks. You may also use it to enhance the scent of your cosmetics.
‚óŹ The essential oil of ylang-ylang helps constrict skin pores and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Using its anti-aging capabilities, you may get healthy-looking skin with a young radiance.

About this Item

‚óŹ Our Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil is 100% pure organic (produced with organic plant-derived extracts), and it goes through a rigorous procedure that is kind to the environment to assure that it does not include any traces of synthetic or potentially hazardous components.
‚óŹ Regular use of this oil on the skin will help maintain the skin's youthful look and assist prevent the early indications of aging and inflammation.
‚óŹ For other defense, mix two drops of the essential oil with jojoba or coconut oil and massage it into the skin of the face once or twice daily.
‚óŹ This oil is effective in treating hair loss, preventing tangles and dandruff, and it also helps prevent dandruff. Add a few drops of the essential oil to jojoba oil or coconut oil and use it as a hair treatment to get the look of healthy, lustrous hair.
‚óŹ To produce a natural hair conditioner, you may also make coconut oil by adding a few drops of essential oil.


  • Stress-busting Ylang Ylang oil with its intense and seductive aroma has been proven to be effective in aromatherapy.
  • It can alleviate the irritation from bug bites. Skin irritation and inflammation may also be soothed by using this product.
  • Use this oil to treat fungal infections because of its antifungal qualities. Antifungal activities result from geranyl acetate and linalool two compounds in the essential oil.
  • The capacity of your cosmetic products to retain moisture is improved when Ylang Ylang essential oil is used. It also enhances your skin's texture and condition by increasing blood flow.
  • Without any other ingredients, Ylang Ylang essential oil creates a dreamy scent. However before using it on your underarms writs or anywhere else on your body, it must be diluted.
  • The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil help minimize acne and outbreaks. Acne scars and blemishes may also be reduced by using this product.

Kahira Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Rs. 249.00 Regular price Rs. 389.00



Ylang-Ylang Oil: Ylang-Ylang oil has been shown to boost sexual desire and relaxation, kill microorganisms, and lower blood pressure.

How to Use

  • FOR AROMATHERAPY - You may spread the scent around the room by using a diffuser and adding a few drops of essential oil to it.
  • FOR BATH - Combine between four and six drops of Ylang-Ylang essential oil with the Kahira carrier oil of your choice. The second step is to combine the oil mixture with the water and then whisk the mixture. Take a seat and unwind for the next twenty to thirty minutes.
  • FOR RELAXING MASSAGE - You should warm the carrier oil of your choice from Kahira and add a few drops of the Ylang-Ylang essential oil. After thoroughly combining the ingredients massage them into your skin and hair to provide a soothing effect.
  • AS BODY OIL - Mix everything after adding a few drops of Ylang-Ylang essential oil to your preferred Kahira body oil. After a shower or bath apply the oil mixture to your skin by massaging it.

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